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Personal Training

Personal Trainers - Personal Training in the Lehigh ValleyThe team of Personal Trainers at Finish Line Fitness Center specialize in helping everyday people achieve their goals of weight loss, toning, strengthening and obtaining overall health and wellness. They understand that every personal training client is different and pride themselves on designing workouts that fit your individual fitness levels and goals.

The Personal Trainers at the Finish Line Fitness Center understand that structured exercise programs and making the workout enjoyable and tailored to each client’s specific needs will result in success. You are going to like the way you look!!!

A personal trainer is available at Finish Line Fitness Center to discuss your fitness goals and determine the appropriate training schedule to meet those goals. Each personal training session with your personal trainer will be another step toward reaching your fitness goals. To schedule a Personal Training Session at Finish Line Fitness Center, please call (610) 262-3348.

Personal training services at Finish Line are effective and take a complete approach to designing individual exercise programs for adults, seniors, students, and people with health conditions.

Finish Line Fitness Center offers the following personal training services:

  • Individual exercise guidance
  • Weight training
  • Strength and flexibility training
  • Weight loss and health maintenance
  • Increase muscle mass/decrease body fat
  • Core/stability ball training
  • Comprehensive fitness assessment
  • Bridal and pre/post-natal fitness
  • Athletic training

The equipment used in personal training sessions at Finish Line Fitness Center consists of weight equipment, cardio equipment, dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, kettlebells, and more.

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Benefits Of Working With A Personal Trainer

Trainers provide necessary accountability and motivation to maximize your results in a timely manner!

Set A Pace
Through professional guidance, trainers will teach you what pace and intensity level is required to get into great shape.

Teaching Vs. Showing
Instead of just showing you how to use different equipment and exercises, a trainer will teach you principles of exercise that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Mix It Up With Cross Training
Our trainers will use a variety of effective workouts based upon your specific goals.

Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths
Our trainers have the opportunity to see where your strength and your weaknesses are, to develop a program specific to your needs.

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Personal Trainers

Vidal Torres

Director of Training

Vidal Torres - Personal TrainerVidal is very passionate about health and wellness. He is regularly interacting with gym members and guiding them with a great positive attitude.

Throughout his life he has always been very active in learning the importance of proper fitness and exercise programs. He pursued his passion and has dedicated his life to gain knowledge and experience in the fields of Personal Training and Nutrition of which he has obtained Nationally Accredited Certifications.

Schedule a Complimentary Fitness Assessment with Vidal by email to or calling or texting 610-653-4006.


Personal Trainer

Jessica Personal TrainerTrainer Jessica has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and over 6 years of experience as a Health and Wellness Professional. She enjoys designing specialized exercise and functional training programs for our Personal Training clients. Jessica works well with all fitness levels and designs workouts that are motivating and fun.