About Finish Line Fitness Center in Coplay PA

What About the Finish Line Gym?

Finish Line Gym’s Mission is to Promote, Support and Fulfill the Personal Health and Fitness needs of the Lehigh Valley Community.

We are a Full Service Fitness and Health Center that is family owned and operated with the support of a Dedicated, Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff.

We Offer the Very Best Personal Training, Weights, Strength and Cardio Equipment, Tanning, Massage Therapy, Daily Group Fitness, and Martial Arts Classes. We welcome the Prime, Silver Sneakers and Silver and Fit Program members.

The Gym is large enough (12000 sq ft with Full Locker Room Amenities). It always accommodates many, but you never have to wait on equipment. We are fortunate to have the nicest members that have influenced our growth.

We consult with our members by one on one, email contact and allowing them to anonymously (Exercise their Opinion) through a suggestion box at the front door. Their opinions, requests or concerns are always used in day-to-day decisions.

We believe in supporting our member lifestyles to help them feel and look their best!!!

Get to the Finish Line Today!!!

Sal Melo – Owner / Facilitator

Facilitator ( fa ‘cil ‘i ‘ta ‘tor ) – A person that makes a process easier.

Sal Melo - Before and AfterMy Fitness Journey began because during my life there was a time when my health began suffering from lack of exercise and a poor diet (Eating what my kids liked and finishing what they didn’t). My symptoms were High Cholesterol, Depression, Constant Tiredness.

One day I decided to try improving my life by attending a Zumba group fitness class and that hour of exercise changed my life. I enjoyed it so much that I became a Zumba Instructor and was nominated as a workout achiever by my peers. (I had Lost 70 pounds.) My fitness friend Colleen complimented me with praise. (Sal, That’s like a whole person.)

I believe that in every one who tries, there is hope, and when there is hope, there is everything! Believe in yourself and anything is possible. Think You Can’t – Think Again!!!

These photos are just a memo of my personal fitness journey!!!

I will attest that because it was Fun – it made the process Easy!!! Therefore my Job as a Facilitator is to make your experience Fun and the Fitness will come Easy!!!

So come and Join Our Fitness Family and Start Feeling and Looking Better Today!!!

Wishing You the Best in Health and Happiness,
Sal Melo